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Informação sobre a Hideaway Portugal em português

If you have a charming property and would like to join Hideaway Portugal, please contact us. If your property has already been approved by us and you are a new owner, please register here.


Steps in the owner registration process

1)      Register by going to List Your Property and click on the registration link.

2)      Complete the Registration Form. Make a note of your password, so you don't forget it.

3)      Press the Submit button.

4)      An automatic message will appear on your screen saying (in green): "Account created successfully. Please check your email inbox and verify your account to login as a new user."

5)      Go to the inbox of the email address that you registered on the form. If you cannot find it, this first email from us may have been diverted to your  junk box. Once found, click the verification link on this email.

6)      This takes you to a page which says (in green): "Thank you for your account verification. You may enter your account by clicking on the Owner login link above."

7)      Click on Owner login, and enter your email address and password.

8)      Then answer the 3 security questions. Make a note of them, so you don’t forget.

9)      Enter your password and press the Submit button.

10)   You are now in your Owner account.


Steps in the property approval and publishing process

1)      Once registered and inside your Owner account, go to the "Add a new property" link.

2)      Complete the form and press Submit.

3)     On your screen and in your email inbox, you will receive an automatic message saying that your property details have been sent to us for approval.

4)      Once we have reviewed them, usually within two working days, we will send you an approval answer.

5)      If your property has been approved, and immediately after you receive a confirmation email from us, you will be able to enter your Owner login area. Go to "Edit Property Details" and complete each tab, relating to different aspects of your property (accommodation, outdoors, location etc).

6)    Your must complete all sections with an *.

7)    It will take about one hour to complete all details relating to your property (longer if taking time to write descriptive sections).

8)       You can publish your page on our website, once all section tabs have been saved on your property form.

9)    You can see your published property page by either clicking on the "View Property" link inside your owner account, or by writing the 4 digit property reference inside the "Property Ref" box at the top of the page (or click on our logo, then your region). 

10)   If your property page is not completely saved, you will get taken to the Advanced Search page, an indicator that you still have some tabs to save.

11)    You can return anytime to "Edit Property Details" to change or add to your property page information.

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