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Do you have a charming property in a lovely location?

If you'd like to join Hideaway Portugal, please read the information below and contact us or register here. We'd be delighted to hear from you.

Subscription fees (2018)

Holiday homes (the whole property is rented): € 80 per year (€ 65 for small homes with up to 2 bedrooms)

B&Bs (individual rooms are rented): € 120 per year (€ 100 for small B&Bs with up to 4 bedrooms)

Resorts & Hotels: € 240 per year  

Note: for owners with more than 1 property, there are a couple of options. If the properties are located in the same area and are similar in style, they can work well together on 1 page. If locations and property styles are different, individual pages are usually best. A 25% discount is given for each additional page.

Setting up your page

When you join, you can create your own property page (which is then edited by us), or for a small fee we can create it from scratch, thus saving you time. You will then have a login to your page to edit it at any time. 

Once your page is complete, you will start to receive enquiries by email via a web-form. Reservations and bookings are then direct between yourself and the guest.

Please note that in order to maintain our focus (see below), all properties are reviewed by us before being approved to join Hideaway Portugal online.


1. Our Focus

Based in Portugal, we select charming holiday homes, B&Bs and boutique hotels in beautiful and authentic areas of the country.

Our focus is on the great outdoors, places off the beaten track, away from the madding crowds. Areas great for outdoor sporting and leisure pursuits, on land and sea. We also love historic quarters, in towns like Lisbon and Porto. Our collection of hideaway properties includes old farm estates, vineyard stays, country cottages, yurts, tipis, manor houses, secluded villas, designer homes and historic apartments. 

Hideaway Portugal is aimed at people who enjoy holidays in other scenic and charming places, such as the south of France, Tuscany and the Alps. 

Things that we really like are:

  • Farm estates, country homes, vineyards, manor houses, secluded villas, designer homes, historic buildings, glamping.
  • Properties with character, comfort, space and privacy.
  • Ideal as a hideaway, to escape, unwind, disconnect.
  • Beautiful, tranquil, natural landscapes, undiscovered and unspoilt.
  • Proximity to nature-based activities and outdoor sporting pursuits- on water and land.
  • Authentic areas, the real Portugal, rural traditions, historic sights.
  • Friendly owners, who take pride in their property and are experts on the local area.
  • Good value, honesty, helpfulness.
  • Places with repeat business and excellent reviews.


2. Selected by us 

Selected and recommended by us, travellers enquire and book direct with trusted owners for savings and valuable local insights.

As local experts for Portugal, we're based here, visit the regions and properties and get to talk to and meet owners and managers. All of this helps us recommend with good judgement. Our golden rule is that we only list places that we love ourselves and which we are proud to recommend to others, including our close friends and family. We want to help travellers avoid the risks of using big international websites and reservation systems which tend to show a large list of everything available, without picking out the best areas and properties.

First, we select beautiful, authentic and interesting locations, then we find charming properties within these areas. This double filter- first location, then property- hopefully means that we choose well for users of our website.


3. Our Marketing 

  • Hideaway Portugal receives thousands of visits per month.
  • We target visitors from northern and central Europe (UK, Ireland, Scandinavia, Germany, Switerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France), as well as the local market (Portugal).
  • We have a folllowing of over 12,000 fans on our facebook page
  • We're especially active in online marketing. This includes key word and search engine optimisation, sending out newsletters by email and spreading the word about us through social media and relevant websites. 
  • We attract the right sort of visitors for you- those who enjoy the great outdoors, sporting pursuits, history, local culture and getting off the beaten track. Our users are well-travelled and like visiting southern Europe for its good weather, beautiful scenery, regional cuisine and local traditions. They visit places such as the south of France, Italy, the Alps. They avoid areas of mass-tourism and package holidays. Well-educated professionals, they have high disposable incomes, lead busy lives and are in search of somewhere to unwind for a week, surrounded by beautiful scenery. They specifically come to us for our specialized focus on charming and unspoilt places in Portugal. 
  • We choose each property carefully and limit our selection. This maintains high standards, a specialist focus and makes it easier for users to find the right places.


4. Your property page

These are the features of property pages:

  • A clean, clear, intuitive design. To see an example published property page, click here.
  • Sections about the property, local area, activities and more.
  • A photographic section at the beginning to give a clear first impression.
  • A secure owner account to update property details, see enquiries, page views, add new properties, record reservations.
  • Price table, Google map locator, distance chart, contact form for direct enquiries.
  • Guest book comments, an optional owner profile.
  • Multiple ways to be picked up in advanced search.
  • Tagging of key words to be picked up in search engines such as Google.


5. A website which is attractive, local and easy to use

  • Our website reflects the most beautiful parts of Portugal through photographs and descriptive sections, including write-ups on each of the regions. Along with charming properties, we showcase the great outdoors, sporting pursuits, food, wine, culture and architecture, things which we're passionate about and which make Portugal a special place to live in and visit.
  • Please meet some of the owners here
  • We're not a big volume-driven generic company, based abroad, listing every property that applies.
  • We're based in Portugal, know the areas we cover and choose special places for visitors. We're someone you can trust. We work in close partnership with our clients and are proactive in marketing and representing listed properties. You'll enjoy working with us. To read more about our background and connection to Portugal click here.
  • Avoided are advertising banners, confusing layouts and garish colours. Our approach is more natural and personal, less mass market.
  • We make it easy to find properties for users, limiting them in number, dividing them into natural regions and including useful search features. With us, users can also easily register new traveller accounts to save favourite properties, view enquiries and more.    


We hope you're interested in joining us.

Please contact us or register here.